Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts

Previously I have to say that I was a big fan of the series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare is the first game from Infinity Ward’s are set in the modern era and instantly become the title of a phenomenal worldwide with a combination of both the single player and multiplayer mode is very impressive. Then came the split in this game developers in 2010 and since then the quality of the story of Modern Warfare become boring and I also gained stop playing Modern Warfare. Continue reading

LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures

LEGO Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures

Once satisfied with war stories of stars in very distant galaxies, now brings another story Lego games are slightly grounded namu still complete with a fantasy theme ala George Lucas. Lego Indiana Jones: The Complete Trilogy will take the original story of the trilogy of Indiana Jones-style complete with Lego style of delivery. This game presents a Lego toy that endeared indonesia poker online everyone in story form Indiana Jones, some clever puzzles and hilarious characters. I who was less able to enjoy the story Indiana Jones joined smiling made. Continue reading

Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness

Harvest Moon : Island of Happiness

Do not feel the series has accompanied us for over ten years commencing from the first game that appeared on the SNES and Natsume Harvest Moon series has made the indonesia poker online last withdrawal of a series of sports games that always displays the same title and the pattern of the game are well maintained. Harvest Moon series will be the arrival of two new titles, Island of Happiness for NDS and Tree of Tranquility for Wii. On the Island of Happiness Harvest Moon you will get classic lengkpang with control very slippery so a little difficult to play. Continue reading

Need For Speed - Undercover

Need For Speed : Undercover

Black Box and IA back to the latest edition of the series Need for Speed ??(NFS). Now we will live undercover in order for the game to dismantle the illicit arms trade. This game will bring back the pattern of the game NFS: Most Wanted with a distinctive sense of open world indonesia poker online is ever lost in the Pro Street. This game does not offer anything new except some vehicles are modeled better than before. Continue reading

Suikoden Tierkreis

Suikoden Tierkreis

Until now, we must admit that the Nintendo DS was the red-hot future. Everything that can be seen from the many new games coming out for the DS itself. Starting from Chrono Trigger, Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars and Pokemon Platinum. Now, turn Konami who are trying indonesia poker online to spoil all the owners of the DS handheld console with one of the flagship RPG games so far. Continue reading