Deep inside you that is the base of the bar reserved for fallen soldiers. It has a list of names of soldiers each, the time of death, and the operations they died. This is the trigger for the dark memories. I remember reading that the soldiers who were crushed to death by a giant daftar review serpent, others burned to death in the town was destroyed. Another shot dead, the psychic raised against his friends. Dismal Operation Window is a bad day for rookie Neel Mehra. Sergeant Flynn Hudson is a little dust on the Air Operation Half-Eaten Tears. If it is not clear from the naming convention fun XCOM for the operation, it was the most difficult. But this is the hero who will sabung ayam online indonesiaremember when the laser stops. This is the stars that fell tiring, the game is an incredible strategy. Continue reading

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable

First Person Shooter (FPS) game genre is one of the most in demand not only in Indonesia but all over the world. As the name suggests, is the FPS genre game where you use weapons and the screen you can only see weapons and hand portion of the character you use, give the effect as if you see the world using your own character’s eyes. But apparently this perspective is not only suitable for shooters only. Many great games-games that use the technique of this perspective even though the characters do not use guns like the game that I will discuss this, Stanley Parable. Continue reading

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Risk of Rain

What you are one of those people who are fond of the game sort of 2D scroller Castlevania or Metroid? Feel the game is too easy to be conquered? Do not worry, Risk of Rain offers 2D scroller game with the difficulty level is much more challenging than you think.

Risk of stories in the Rain began when a starship transporting goods and passengers crashed and stranded on a planet. You will act as the only survivor in the crash and try to survive as long as possible in the planet. The story may sound too simple, but the story is not the main point of this game. Continue reading

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Race the Sun

Sometimes as players we need a short games that we can play a little while in the spare time or before bed. The premise is what makes mobile gaming is so popular. But sometimes some of us are also interested in playing short games are not casual games on our computers. If you include people who think like that, then you must try this one game, Race the Sun. Continue reading

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Finally after a long wait and was delayed several months, the game is made in the nation appeared officially on Steam. DreadOut, a horror game inspired by classic horror games like Fatal Frame is made by a local studio from Bandung, namely Digital Happiness. Seeing the condition of today’s horror games no longer have vibrations like horror games of the 90s, is an independent gaming supported by this Indiegogo can hit the video game world of horror through the gameplay and atmosphere offered? Continue reading

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Many aspects to judge a game, from gameplay, visuals, audio, up to the story. I think it is quite often discussed both in the Asian Games and other media. The question, often a game already has a high quality in the four aspects of the above, but still feels like there is a void that reduces the value of the game.

But not infrequently also a game has qualities that the upper middle in 4 aspects, but it could be a very memorable game. This can usually occur due to minor things that might not be unthinkable in any game, or sometimes gamers themselves are not aware that even though they enjoy it. Various minor things that have a unique impression is utilized by supergiant Games to achieve their own perfection in their latest game, Transistor. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season 2

Just like The Wolf Among Us, so approached the last episode, Telltale immediately ramped quickly release time of their episode, and only in a flash we’ve been presented with The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 weeks after the fourth episode was released.

The last episode of the adventure Clementine is arguably truly is a remarkable narrative experience. Telltale to present a success story that can not be guessed which way that will go. The relationship of each character that is here was actually shown more personally with a very mature, and in a very short duration. One thing that I think is great. Continue reading

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Borderlans : The Pre-Sequel!

Have you finished Borderlands 2? If so, you definitely satisfied with the ending presented. But did you know that before becoming a pretentious and psychopathic antagonist, Handsome Jack (main enemies in Borderlands 2) is a good, patient, and just ordinary programmer? Is that right? How could he be evil? The answer you can find yourself through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that in passing reminds me of the Star Wars prequel that tells the story behind Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil one. Continue reading

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Sunless Sea

London has never looked so beautiful. Not a single month since I left the harbor and beloved family, but every second elapsed in the ocean feels like a day filled with nightmares. Vigorous expression of the crew when we first sailed continues to haunt the mind. Half of the gallant men have now been located on the seabed or shouting in the belly of the monster. Resting in a cramped and noisy room above the seedy bars provide momentary happiness that I need, because tomorrow I will return sail to the oceans, seas without sun. Continue reading

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Beyond Eyes

I quite often say that the role of video games as a medium increasingly growing. Game now is not limited role as entertainment, but also can be a medium to convey messages, both positive and negative, interactively.

One game that attracted my attention because of the message poker online indonesia to be conveyed is Beyond Eyes. Indie game developer made Tiger and Squid is about to awaken a sense of empathy for the blind. A very noble intentions and would be difficult to execute. Continue reading