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Borderlans : The Pre-Sequel!

Have you finished Borderlands 2? If so, you definitely satisfied with the ending presented. But did you know that before becoming a pretentious and psychopathic antagonist, Handsome Jack (main enemies in Borderlands 2) is a good, patient, and just ordinary programmer? Is that right? How could he be evil? The answer you can find yourself through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! that in passing reminds me of the Star Wars prequel that tells the story behind Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil one. Continue reading

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The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami are renowned as the creator of Resident Evil is finally bringing forth a new game after his cooperation with Suda51 in Shadow of the Damned, released three years ago. After he set up his own Tango Gameworks, born The Evil Within. From the name alone, maybe a little to remind you with Resident Evil. But it seems it is not limited to a mere name.

The Evil Within resemblance to Resident Evil, especially Resident Evil 4 raises mixed feelings in my mind. Part of me feels it’s a good thing because the survival horror back to life, partly I feel no deep innovation of this game. Although it is not something that one hundred percent bad, bad visual presentation makes the value of this game falls in my eyes. Continue reading

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Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

Up to this point it seems everyone already knows about the Call of Duty. This is a series of first-person shooter game that is the most famous and also advantageous that ever existed in the history of the gaming world. But the general consensus is starting to form Call of Duty series has begun to dull. This is reinforced by the last series that gets poor response although in terms of sales of Call of Duty: Ghost is one of the games with the highest sales during the year 2013. Continue reading

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Life is Strange

Life is Strange when it was first announced, I obviously feel very interested in seeing my favorite theme is the story of maturation as well as travel time can be merged into one. But, what makes me interested, at once shocked, is the fact that this game was done by Dontnod Entertainment are popular through the game Remember Me, and published by Square Enix that … well you should know the one who was Square Enix. Continue reading

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Evolve is a multiplayer game Turtle Rock Studios claim that is not often you come across. For the uninitiated, Turtle Rock Studios is the developer of the game Left 4 Dead. So, seeing this game was made by the legendary multiplayer game developers, you should not be surprised by the unique elements of Evolve makes this game can provide an intense multiplayer experience.

Still, one question that arises about Evolve: whether the game is mandatory for you to play? I can not say that this game could match or surpass the thrill of Left 4 Dead. But, this does not mean Evolve is a bad game. In fact, far from bad. However, there are some parts that made this game would not be liked by some gamers. Continue reading

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Right now there are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of games exist in a variety of platforms ever. With the high quantity of existing games, of course, quite difficult to find quality games with fresh ideas coupled with good execution. Fortunately, this week I had the opportunity to try the game in the category have fresh ideas and also have good execution. Game I mean is République. Continue reading

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Tales from the Borderlands

Since knowing Telltale will release Tales from the Borderlands, I already can not wait to play it. The gameplay is actually an action-packed shooter game shooting this brutal suddenly switched temporarily to the adventure genre. As a lover of Borderlands series, I’m not too worried about the drastic change in the genre. Therefore, it is no secret that games released by Telltale always classy because the story is presented has a standard story hundreds of times better than the soap opera story ABG Indonesia. Continue reading

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For the next few sentences I would ask you to really concentrate. Ready? Okay. Imagine there are two people who use the alien space armor. Both shirts are connected to a long hose so that they share the same air. One of them then most fizzy drink ever and fart in their protective poker online indonesia suits to swell into a giant ball.

Still with me? Then, in turn both these aliens can move this fart. When gas fart was in an alien, it will swell up like a ball, can not jump but can pull his small. His colleague that one can jump and do other things, but can not lift or step on something too heavy. By using this farting ability to move, they must do the work for the task and finish a level. Continue reading

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Beyond Eyes

I quite often say that the role of video games as a medium increasingly growing. Game now is not limited role as entertainment, but also can be a medium to convey messages, both positive and negative, interactively.

One game that attracted my attention because of the message poker online indonesia to be conveyed is Beyond Eyes. Indie game developer made Tiger and Squid is about to awaken a sense of empathy for the blind. A very noble intentions and would be difficult to execute. Continue reading

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Super Time Force Ultra

Have you ever wondered how it feels to play multiplayer games but alone? Of course it is impossible to do, unless we have a time machine.

As it creates a time machine in the real world today seems quite impossible to do, the only solution to achieve this is to create a time machine in the game. That’s what Capybara Games managed to achieve through Super Time Force Ultra. Continue reading