Persona 4 The Golden

Persona 4 The Golden

Persona 4 The Golden (P4G) is a genre game role playing game (RPG) developed and dipublikasiakan by Atlus as of June 14, 2012, exclusively for PlayStation Vita. This game background on the lives of the students after school. They will carry out activities that are not usually done by normal students are against Shadow (monsters in this game).

This game will take gamers on a mission to solve a murder case when gamers come to a small town called Inaba. To solve the case, gamers will involve some friends of the school, without involving police officers. However, the police still will not interfere in the matter. In addition to the murder case, gamers will also be running several different missions but still about crime and mystery. Although this game has the background of the mission is quite heavy, but P4G also emiliki comedy, love, drama, action and others. That’s what makes this game different and very deep. Continue reading

Uncharted - Golden Abyss

Uncharted : Golden Abyss

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the fourth title of the series Uncharted, while the first title to be played on portable consoles. This game developed by SCE Bend Studio and published worldwide by Sony Computer Entertainment since December 17, 2011 in Japan, then went to North America on February 15, 2012 and was followed by the publication in Europe on February 22, 2012 and the last in Australia 23 February 2012. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a game platform that can only be played on PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Continue reading

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

First appeared in the early 1990s, Electronic Arts (EA) began routinely presenting its flagship football game series, FIFA, in each year. In the year 2014, EA Sports has launched a new series titled FIFA 15 for the version of the console, PC and mobile. Specifically in the mobile version (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), EA Sports FIFA 15 brings only the ultimate team mode its course.

Given the crew we had to review the console version, this time we review its mobile edition. Because the ultimate team mode only displays its course, does not mean that mobile gaming excitement will be reduced. Our crew proved quite enjoy this game that was released in the App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store on 22 September 2014 yesterday. Continue reading


Risk of Rain

Risk of stories in the Rain began when a space ship transporting goods and passengers crashed and stranded on a planet. You will act as the only person who survived the crash and trying to survive as long as possible in the planet. The story may sound too simple, but the story is not the main point of this game.

Style games offered in the Risk of Rain will feel quite familiar if you played a lot of games genre ‘metroidvania’ or other 2D action platformer. However, there is little difference in this game is: your goal is simply to go into a teleporter and activate it. Simple as that? Certainly not. You will be confronted by a group of aliens that appear randomly and they will try to kill you. Continue reading