LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures

LEGO Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures

Once satisfied with war stories of stars in very distant galaxies, now brings another story Lego games are slightly grounded namu still complete with a fantasy theme ala George Lucas. Lego Indiana Jones: The Complete Trilogy will take the original story of the trilogy of Indiana Jones-style complete with Lego style of delivery. This game presents a Lego toy that endeared indonesia poker online everyone in story form Indiana Jones, some clever puzzles and hilarious characters. I who was less able to enjoy the story Indiana Jones joined smiling made. Continue reading

Need For Speed - Undercover

Need For Speed : Undercover

Black Box and IA back to the latest edition of the series Need for Speed ??(NFS). Now we will live undercover in order for the game to dismantle the illicit arms trade. This game will bring back the pattern of the game NFS: Most Wanted with a distinctive sense of open world indonesia poker online is ever lost in the Pro Street. This game does not offer anything new except some vehicles are modeled better than before. Continue reading

Dance Dance Revolution - Disney Grooves

Dance Dance Revolution : Disney Grooves

In 2001, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is one of the most revolutionary game ever. Lots of avid gamer with this one game. At that time, Konami has released one of the results of expansion filled with Disney characters and accompanied by classic songs from Disney. All your indonesia poker online favorite characters are going to use clothes as if they were ready to dance. After eight years, Konami back to do it again. Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves. Continue reading



For those of you who used to have a Nintendo console, certainly will memilikki game Punch Out !! on a set of games that dimilikki. This game is getting quite lively response from gamers thanks to the game challenging and interesting. It could even be said, Punch Out is one of the most difficult game to master because here you have to master the correct attack patterns indonesia poker online that exist. Release both continued on the console Super NES title Super Punch-Out. Continue reading

Adventure Island - The Begining

Adventure Island : The Beginning

Finally, after more than a decade, another classic game remade. Adventure Island: The Beginning, a game played by a character named Master Higgins has returned. He remained as ever, with a name like fruit.

The game is still the same as in general, by using 2D graphics. That changed here (as well as a major element), is the need to eat. Now, in the game you will find that indoensia poker online hunger level meter will continuously as you travel. The only way to cover the hunger it is to take and eat the fruits that exist. If the meter runs out, later Master Higgins will faint from exhaustion obtained from jog and jump-her jump it. Continue reading

Pangya - Fantasy Golf

Pangya : Fantasy Golf

You who like to play games gamer, must be familiar with this one game, Pangya. Pangya is a golf game gamer’s first ever entry in Indonesia. Too bad the game is now gone from the circulation Indonesian gamer gaming world. Only now you do not have to be sad indonesia poker online anymore because Pangya has come back in the handheld version, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) with the title Pangya: Fantasy Golf. The good news again, the game developed exclusively for the PSP only. Continue reading

G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe, a title which would bring all of you who used to enjoy the movie GI Joe the old days, back to reminisce. Now, after 20 years on, finally G.I. Joe re-emerged indonesia poker online again with a title that seems to be pretty cool to be enjoyed. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra. Has successfully meet the expectations of gamers? Unfortunately not. Continue reading