Enemy Territory - Quake Wars

Enemy Territory : Quake Wars

Quake Wars is a multiplayer mode that prioritizes game like Battlefield series. In this game are told that the Strogg are trying to invade Earth and bla bla bla and bla typical game Quake so that part of the story should not have to pay attention. In the PC version of this indonesia poker online game has a topnotch graphics and intense action of the rather like a game with a similar theme, while the console versions of the existing control made easy passable so we’ll have no trouble controlling the direction fired. Continue reading

Frontlines - Fuel of War

Frontlines : Fuel of War

it seems it’s been a lot of FPS games released for consoles and PC, let alone the Xbox 360 is often touted as a console for FPS fans. Still very clearly remember how cool Bioshock world, the thrill of playing Call of Duty 4 and a fierce battle against the flood in Halo 3. It is undeniable that the serial-serial stole and now Frontlines: Fuel of War trying to do the same way, a lot indonesia poker online of promotion intensively they do to lift the name of Frontlines: Fuel of War. Now the question is, whether this game is to be reckoned with? Or this is just a game that many ordinary FPS released on consoles and PC. Continue reading

Kingdom Under Fire - Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of Doom

Kingdom Under Fire series usually use a little element of strategy and RPG elements. On the episode of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, as the developer Blueside slightly shift the traditional elements of strategy and RPG into a dungeon crawling. Feeling obtained indonesia poker online when playing the game Kingdom Under Fire, changed entirely since the changes made are too radical. Continue reading

Gears of Wars 2

Gears of Wars 2

Many games on the Xbox 360 that has a very challenging multiplayer mode while single player mode are poor or even vice versa. Very rarely a game that has two modes in a balanced and perfect, as examples of Halo 3, for example, Halo 3 multiplayer modes revered while the single player mode feels less attractive to ordinary gamers. Fortunately some of the game has two modes in a balanced and Gears of War 2 among them. Single player mode Gears of War 2 still using the same formula as the episode earlier in which the system cover and shoot so the main gameplay indonesia poker online and coupled with a solid action to make the single player mode Gears of War 2 is very interesting to play, especially if we want to know how fate delta squad after emergence day. The multiplayer mode gets increased quite a lot, as four new modes and ten new maps that allow ten players to play simultaneously, an increase of two people compared to the original Gears of War. Continue reading

Need For Speed - Undercover

Need For Speed : Undercover

Black Box and IA back to the latest edition of the series Need for Speed ??(NFS). Now we will live undercover in order for the game to dismantle the illicit arms trade. This game will bring back the pattern of the game NFS: Most Wanted with a distinctive sense of open world indonesia poker online is ever lost in the Pro Street. This game does not offer anything new except some vehicles are modeled better than before. Continue reading