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Tales from the Borderlands

Since knowing Telltale will release Tales from the Borderlands, I already can not wait to play it. The gameplay is actually an action-packed shooter game shooting this brutal suddenly switched temporarily to the adventure genre. As a lover of Borderlands series, I’m not too worried about the drastic change in the genre. Therefore, it is no secret that games released by Telltale always classy because the story is presented has a standard story hundreds of times better than the soap opera story ABG Indonesia.

After about a week ago Fahmi give reviews on Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series, now is the time I discussed Tales from the Borderlands. Reckoning that you poker online indonesia all not too upset waiting for the second episode of Game of Thrones the game.

I play Tales from the Borderlands on the first day of its release (December 11, 2014) on the IOS platform using the iPad, for those who do not have an iPad you can also play this game on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS Vita. Almost all gaming platforms today to get rations to play Tales from the Borderlands. Impressive is not it?

The story in Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the death of Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2. I will only tell the beginning story outline only, so you do not have to worry about finding spoilers in this review. At the beginning of the story depicted in the activities of manufacturing companies continue to run as usual Hyperion sepeninggalan Handsome Jack. There is an employee of Hyperion (yes, you did not play a Vault Hunter) called Rhys who is blessed because of his position will be promoted but is unexpectedly he even on the mutation to the division office boy. Because it does not receive, Rhys flew to Pandora to change the tragic fate.

Is that so shallow as the story? Of course not, because as time goes by you will find things very, very interesting that unfortunately I can not reveal here because Web Alternatif Pokerclub88 it can make the haters spoiler directly to curse me in the comments field below. The next question is why Rhys decided to Pandora and what he would do in the major planets of the Borderlands series? Discover for yourself the answer by playing his own game is yes, and I guarantee you will not regret when I heard the answer.

Turning to my impression during play Tales from the Borderlands, I see that the advantages of this game is to be enjoyed by all gamers either follow the storyline Borderlands Series since the beginning as well as gamers who do not follow the storyline Borderlands series altogether.

Well, maybe the story will not be as deep understanding of people who followed the story of Borderlands series, but I’m sure the story will still be exciting for you. At least you will be very satisfied with a variety of scenes are intriguing in this game.

The scenes shown Tales from the Borderlands seems curious since Telltale is so good at cutting the scene. You can play the two main protagonists. Besides playing Rhys, you will also play a woman named Fiona. You will be presented with a scene between what happened with Fiona Rhys interchangeably. The scene between the two is often different places, but in the same time and great inter-related with each lainnya.Hal makes me more amazed to all members involved in the development Telltale Tales from the Borderlands.

Which makes Tales from the Borderlands more interesting is the selection of the interface dialogs that are served between Rhys and Fiona are also very different. Interface dialog election of Rhys seems very Hyperion once by relying on modern digital style interface cara curang bermain poker online indonesia while selecting dialogue from Fiona more towards cowboy style. Both are of course equally very delicious to the eye.

Not only of the interfaces, but how to play two characters are also distinguished. If you wear Rhys, when you are in the exploration phase are free you not only can ‘see’ or ‘action’ alone, but you are also given a skill scanning through the eyes of the robot next to his right, which means you can see the details hidden from an object that can not be examined only by the naked eye. It makes your exploration in Tales from the Borderlands become longer and more detailed than the explorations in other Telltale games like The Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead.

Unlike the skill of Rhys, if you are playing Fiona then you will be given an additional interface is the interface that menginfokan amount of money you miiki. Money you have you can use to influence the storyline in the game. One example to bribe someone to do something. Fiona can raise money from special scenes or when it is entering the exploratory phase.

Borderlands game as it already, you also will quite often enjoyed actions QTE. QTE presented almost all quite standard, such as swipe a certain direction or press the appropriate button.

However there QTE very impressive in my heart that when one of the characters we have to assemble a robot, just try to play yourself and you will know the feeling of what I mean.

Borderlands world displayed by in Tales from the Borderlands also deserves thumbs up. Pandora world is felt the same as the previous series Borderlands. Along with the character design was typical graffiti style Borderlands also perfectly displayed here (well even though actually not too surprising given the view Borderlands and games from Telltale relatively similar).

Interestingly, the menu interface you usually encounter in Borderlands will you find exactly also in Tales from the Borderlands this. Both basic game menu, the current menu to access the inventory of your character, even when the character menu you access the folder was designed very precisely so that I can judge that Tales from the Borderlands did not damage the Borderlands franchise.

Tales from the Borderlands priced at Rp. 60,000 per episode. For this first episode has a playtime between two and a half to three hours. In total there will be five episodes that you can enjoy and the first episode of this for me is a very good move that could make the player more and more curious about the next episodes. Oh yes, Telltale also provides a Season Pass episodes two to five at a price of Rp. 169,000 which means you can save up to approximately Rp. 80,000 if you buy a Season Pass than if you buy the episodes one by one.

If the conclusion I am very satisfied with what is presented by Tales from the Borderlands episode this one. I grew to love the franchise Borderlands and can not wait for episode two who knows when it will be released, and of course so I would immediately release play on the first day. Shhhh … a little secret, I startled a few times successfully made aka heart almost dislodged by some scenes in Tales from the Borderlands.

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