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Tales of Zestiria

Assessing Tales of Zestiria is rather difficult. On the one hand, this game many times makes me feel upset because strange things or foolish throughout the play. But on the other hand, I also can not say that this game ugly. Tales of Zestiria sucks, but I really like this game.

In writing my initial impressions say that Tales of Zestiria is an awkward game. There are a lot of cool moments that you will meet, but not cool moments that arise also abundant. I’m sure there are people who are very fond of this game like me, but I also understand if there are people who hate Tales of Zestiria it out.

Tales of Zestiria tells of a world in which humans live together with spiritual spirit called seraph. Once upon a time, humans and seraph coexist. Human worships the seraph as gods, and instead of the seraph blessed with peace of human and natural resources.

Over time, humans become more intelligent and independent. Fewer poker online indonesia and fewer people who depend on seraph, and confidence in the seraph slowly abandoned. Seraph currently only a mere legend, even humans could not see seraph.

In this harsh era there lived a young man named Sorey. He has the ability to look at the seraph, and destined to be a savior called Shepherd (herders). It is said that the Shepherd will appear when the world is in chaos to guide mankind to the right path.

Unfortunately Sorey mission did not go smoothly. There are those who want to harness the power of Shepherd for the sake of personal desires. There are also people who do not believe in the teachings of the Shepherd. Sorey was caught between a mission, politics and war, as well as a complex human relationships.

The concept of a story in Tales of Zestiria I think is very interesting. The story is not just good vs. comics evil as a teenager. Something that looks nasty sometimes¬†cara curang bermain poker online indonesia not entirely evil, and that good looks were not entirely good. Everyone has their own reasons for acting, so in the end the “good” and “evil” it’s just a matter of viewpoint only.

A great pity that this great concept story which is not delivered well. Recurring dialogue or a scene that feels strange or awkward. Sometimes scenes that should feel sad or poignant even ridiculous. There are also moments that should be emotional, but so was memorable because plagued by bad acting and crisp dialogue.

Funnily enough, the dialogue that appears on the scene side can be enjoyed even more than the main story. Typical Tales series, here you will find many skit in the middle of the game. I suspect that perhaps the script of this game was written by more than one person, and the author of dialogues skit is better at it than the author of the main story.

Despite many shortcomings, overall I am satisfied with the story Tales of Zestiria. Ugly moments that there is enough paid off with cool moments. War in Glaivend Basin probably one of the most bad-ass scene of the Tales series I’ve ever played, and given the successful ending made me clap.

Tales of Zestiria probably is an experimental form of Bandai Namco to create tales rather westernized. It can be seen from the made world that resembles the open world (although it is not), a touching story gray morality, and the loot system is more like a western RPG than JRPG.

This experiment could be considered successful, but also troublesome. Wide world means that many places to explore, but you will spend a lot of time just to walk from one place to another. There are features fast travel, but you have to pay with money that is not little. Driving around between cities to complete sidequests can make being poor!

Random loot system which makes you need grinding to cara bermain poker di android get good equipment. The higher the difficulty you select the loot will get better, but strangely this does not affect the treasure chest. It looks like the contents of a chest synchronized with the loot on normal difficulty, so if you play in high difficulty treasure chests will be unattractive.

The fight in Tales of Zestiria relatively complex and exciting. Each enemy’s weakness is important to note, and you can make a move in the middle combo escape. This movement can be used for many things, for example, restoring Spirit Charge or manipulate the speed of spell casting.

A unique feature in this game is Armatization, where the two merge into one knight character is very strong. This technique can be used for many things, such as healing HP, eliminate the bad status, to revive a dead comrade. This makes the fight became more varied strategies. If you like to experiment, the battle system in Tales of Zestiria deep enough to be explored.

Unfortunately, the system is sometimes too complex, even a complex quasi impressed. For example, you can not heal HP friends when he was exposed to bad status. You have to give him a Panacea Bottle first or use a specific spell against bad that status.

This game also offers an additional challenge in the form of low berintelejensia AI. Many times I cursed the screen because the AI ??characters do not help fight, just pacing such as electric irons. The enemy approached with a strong attack? Rather than shy away, they instead tried to remove the spell and died tragically. Indeed there Command feature, but it did not help.

Do not stop there, Tales of Zestiria very annoying because in this game NO SHORTCUT BUTTON. You want to tell a friend to attack with a spell? Please open the menu and then choose to manually spell. Need heal quickly but was busy attacking the combo? Stop first yes, go to the first menu.

I am a bit frustrated with the battle system Tales of Zestiria. Many new elements that make it exciting, but on the other hand the basic things normally found in the Tales series even disappear. Shame the same dong Tales of Hearts R. Perhaps the story and the graphics are not as fancy as Tales of Zestiria, but Tales of Hearts R had a bout of advanced and fast, with twenty shortcut that you can access, as well as similar Gambit AI system in Final Fantasy XII.

The gameplay of the game is somewhat disappointing, but not so with the audio-visual presented. Tales of Zestiria has a graphical look very pretty with bright colors. Animated characters also look lithe and cool, making the fight is always exciting to look at.

Slight flaws on the display environment. If you look carefully, you will see that the environment in this game uses a 3D model of a rather low-poly. But this is not so disturbing because the overall visual appearance still stylish anime. Every now and then you will be treated to a high quality animation clips Ufotable works, and this works depict important scenes with very steady.

In terms of music, Tales of Zestiria may include one Tales with the best musical compositions. The music in this game was made by the duo Motoi Sakuraba and Go Shiina, and they managed to create beautiful songs to accompany your adventure. Try it you listen to background music Fire Temple, which nuance Wild Arms like this, or background music Water Temple, a magnificent and serene.

Overall, Tales of Zestiria not a bad game. The story is quite interesting and quite exciting battle to be enjoyed. Unfortunately it is disturbed by the many gameplay elements that sucks. I would still recommend this game if you are a fan of Tales, but the truth out there is still a lot more interesting Tales.

Although a lot of things that I complain, I myself really like this game. May play Tales of Zestiria can be likened to eat watermelon seeds. His skin was difficult to peel, it feels normal, make it a little bit and not be satisfied, but somehow when it started to eat hard to stop.

Tales of Zestiria is a strange game. Some call it one of the best Tales of all time, there is also considered the worst in generations PS3 Tales. If you’ve played Tales of Zestiria? How Your impressions after playing? Share your experience in the comments field yes!

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