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The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami are renowned as the creator of Resident Evil is finally bringing forth a new game after his cooperation with Suda51 in Shadow of the Damned, released three years ago. After he set up his own Tango Gameworks, born The Evil Within. From the name alone, maybe a little to remind you with Resident Evil. But it seems it is not limited to a mere name.

The Evil Within resemblance to Resident Evil, especially Resident Evil 4 raises mixed feelings in my mind. Part of me feels it’s a good thing because the survival horror back to life, partly I feel no deep innovation of this game. Although it is not something that one hundred percent bad, bad visual presentation makes the value of this game falls in my eyes.

In The Evil Within, you will play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective in a fictional town called Krimson City. One night, Sebastian received a report that a murder in a mental hospital and she was assigned to investigate what happened. But as soon as he came to the place along with his two friends, strange events begin to occur and cause him to move to a world that is terrible.

From the initial plot delivered, this game seem like a horror film filled with cliches instead? But I think it is the main attraction of a game made by Mikami. Like Resident Evil with the atmosphere like B grade horror movie, The Evil Within seems to want to maintain the same sensation by showing a variety of things very cliché.

But that does not mean this game is not scary at all. There are so many moments in the game that make the heart beat faster. Things like trying to hide from the pursuing enemies, escape from enemy view that carrying a chainsaw, or just being careful not to activate traps scattered everywhere enough to make me a cold sweat.

Spooky, indeed. Unfortunately, what I feel is not something new. For veterans of survival horror, The Evil Within definitely have a lot of moments that make them remembered with other similar games. Most hell as often happens in Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space. Enemies that come in clusters, the enemies that appear suddenly, and there are many events that make you think “hmm … looks like I’ve seen this before”.

It really new that I feel in this game most only moments when a lot of strange events happening around Sebastian. Like the distorted world so disturbing things began to appear. Examples such as a door that suddenly turned into a wall, blood oozing from the walls, or sightings often occur suddenly.

The Evil Within offer a game that makes me think of one poker online indonesia thing: Resident Evil style. I mean modern is from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6. Again, this is not something bad. Resident Evil 4 has a gameplay action that can be fairly good with a weapon upgrade system is also interesting. I think both of these things implemented quite well also in The Evil Within.

The daily activities will you do in The Evil Within, in addition to trying to live of course, is firing at the enemy who tried tearing yourself. Shooting mechanism in this game was quite responsive. There is the effect of hand shake (like Resident Evil 4) simulated when directing the weapon so that the game becomes more challenging.

In addition, the resources to survive in this game is also very limited. You should as much as possible to save bullets and drugs as the number two crucial things is very limited in The Evil Within. One act, then you would have wasted objects that you need to sustain life.

Of course you can use stealth takedown to save bullets, but tips pemula bermain poker somehow the opportunity to perform a stealth takedown was diminishing while the game continues.

So what else can we do in order to survive? You can strengthen capabilities that you have when you visit the ‘world mirror’. The world can you go when you’re staring at a cracked mirror in the room that has been determined. The world can be regarded as ‘safe house’ where you can do save and do the upgrade. Upgrades can be done by paying a gel that often you find when browsing or when you beat the enemy.

Such as Resident Evil 4 or 5, you can renew the weapons you have or your basic capabilities, such as the ability to run up to the capacity of their lives. Obviously this will make the game easier is not it? Very wrong.

The Evil Within is a difficult game, at least for non-veterans in the field of survival horror. No enemy can not be killed with one shot only. More challenging, there is also an enemy that could kill quickly even though it was an ordinary enemy. This game sometimes makes you be in a position that requires you to run away because it is impossible to survive the enemy attack that much.

Even if you’ve managed to escape, you can not breathe for granted. Several types of enemies such as carrier chainsaw or long-haired creature can kill with one blow only.

Then, it was not until in the enemy alone. The Evil Within situs poker terbaik di indonesia environments have traps scattered everywhere ranging from landmines to a bear trap. But do not worry, you can turn off the trap and use the parts as a resource for making Agony Bolts. Again, this game encourages you not to act rashly. One bit and the body can be blown to bits.

However sometimes you will find some of the pitfalls that are categorized as too cruel because you did not know what to do trap. Ways to identify and avoid these pitfalls is the danger of you die first, or you have to continually be careful in the foot. Bit cheesy and forced in my opinion.

Upgrades are you doing all this time just to increase your potential in order to escape death. I emphasize again the word potential. This means that, if you do not have sufficient resources and dexterity of the hand are qualified, then do not expect you to finish the game without dying many times even though the number of lives you are very high.

You know, if The Evil Within recommended locked in 30 fps for PC? Yes, I think that’s as bad as optimization in this game (although there is a solution through debug). In fact, this game has a ratio of 2.35: 1, which should, according to my knowledge would reduce the number of pixels that appear on the screen. I dare say if The Evil Within on PS4 is not given patch update, then the game will be a game with the lowest fps in PS4.

As I mentioned earlier, this game has a ratio of 2.35: 1 wide screen like a movie and I have no problem about it. What I permasalahkan is FOV (Field of View) camera is too close to the character. As a result, I can not be too sure where the position of the enemy is and it is clear that the angle that looks very uncomfortable to use. Fortunately, this can be corrected in the PC version.

Visual overall in The Evil Within is actually not too bad and for the atmosphere itself was very good. The problem for me is inconsistent texture. Texture on the character looks pretty good and is not problematic, but the texture to other objects often look low resolution. Even worse, texture popping is often felt in certain environments when the cutscene runs. This obviously reduces the stressful experience in this game.

The Evil Within could be a good survival horror game. But because of limitations in the technical part, the game is falling from my initial expectations. This game is very challenging due to the action of fire-shot responsive, difficult enemies, as well as a system upgrade that does not make you become a super human. Dear it is smeared with technical problems that should not exist in a high-class game at a gaming generation today.

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