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The Flock

Have you ever played a game like devil-setanan, cat and mouse, a game of tag, or whatever it’s called in your area when you were little? Well, what would happen if the game is brought into the form of a video game with a creepy atmosphere is dark? It feels Flock is one game that is close enough to the gameplay design such descriptions.

However, this game is not only taking the game elements demons earlier setanan only. The Flock also integrates several elements of traditional games such as Daruma-san (Red light, green light) and also hide and seek, accompanied by sinister atmosphere that is perfect combined somehow. This game also brings the concept of “limited” is quite strange but interesting in my opinion.

According Vogelsap as the developer, The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer game. You can only play as a creature carrier artifact called Carrier, or you will become a monster of a group of monsters who target these creatures.

As a carrier, you will be constantly chased by a bunch of monsters trying to eat you, but you have the tools to destroy the monster that the artifacts had been lit that you bring. Meanwhile, the task of the monsters are killed for the sake of carrying the artifacts had been turned into a carrier artifact itself.

Surely rays of artifacts would be very dangerous for the monsters, because poker online indonesia they have the ability to turn into stone by not moving. By becoming a rock, the monster will not be exposed to damage from light fired by the artifacts belonging to the Carrier.

Then, how do we know that a player has been a winner in a game in the Flock? The winner is determined by who scored the highest value to be Carrier. If you become a carrier, then your score will continue to grow as long as you’re not dead yet.

You can also get a number of points at once to activate OBJECTIVE spread across the map. Simple is not it? Oh, be careful in doing respawn because it would reduce the value that you already have.

The concept presented Flock counted somewhat experimental, but really could play an important and can be enjoyed. Like a game of chase, you will feel the tension and fear when it becomes Carrier coveted monster. Meanwhile, it became a monster makes you feel being a hunter competing for prey with other hunters.

Being a monster is a thing that will more often you do in The Flock. Understandably, there is only one carrier in each game. Monster has the ability to move that can be fairly free and nimble. Gravity has almost no harmful effects for the monsters (unless you fall off a cliff) and you can move not only horizontally but also vertically like on top of buildings or cliffs with ease.

As I mentioned just now, become a monster that does not mean you can not die easily. If you are a little careless and forget to stop when the beam artifact menyinarimu, then instantly you will die. If you do not want to be the lowest ranked, then you should still take into account every movement you do like a beast before the ambush prey.

Then, how it feels to be prey in the middle of the horde tips pemula bermain poker hunter? Carrier becomes really a very different role in The Flock. Fear and tension would you feel in every corner of the map during the game to be a Carrier. In other words, be prepared to be paranoid.

As a carrier, you can not jump and movements are not as fast as the monster. Not to mention, the artifacts that you use will occasionally experience problems such as sudden death or blinking. In order for these artifacts remain on, you must keep moving. It also encourages you to not hide, because hiding in this game is tantamount to suicide.

I can say that Flock is a simple and addictive game, although it may seem repetitive. The gameplay is quite simple, besides bringing you enjoy horror romp among the players, it also provides a unique competitive value compared to other competitive games that only deliver value if you kill other players. Unfortunately, the absence of other modes make this game quite boring in quick time.

Visual presented in The Flock was not too special, but it includes a deep impression. Dark atmosphere always feels the lack of lighting and insecurity can be felt by the players Carrier when seeing a form of monsters camouflaged with rocks, sculpture, or the ruins of an existing building.

Presentation as a monster also demonstrated very nicely with the camera angles that seemed to make really become a ferocious monster. Sound is also very important in The Flock and I find it very helpful to detect the direction of the monster through the sounds of the wild which they hid.

There is a slight tickle my mind so knowing that Flock can only be played within a limited time and people. According Vogelsap as the developer, we are told that the world The Flock has a population of 215,358,979 people. Whenever Carrier or the monster dies, then the population is reduced as much as one soul and so this population reaches zero, then The Flock will not be able to play again except for those who already bought it.

For players who already bought, so the numbers reach¬†situs poker terbaik di indonesia zero population they will see an ending of this multiplayer game. Yes, I myself was quite surprised to hear it. Ending in a multiplayer game is my new flavors in the world of video games. In fact, it felt like the developers want to “turn off” a game that has been painstakingly they make.

Maybe you think that the concept of limitation was simply a tactic to attract the attention of gamers. I think it is true to attract attention at least for me. But would any of that, I feel that Vogelsap not only provide a unique video game entertainment in The Flock, but they want to provide an experience that can not be enjoyed by people in general.

If you feel that you want to try something quite different than other games, maybe you should try Flock as an alternative gaming options especially if you’re already quite saturated with a number of competitive games (especially FPS) that’s it.

With a concept like that creepy horror game, the gameplay is simple and unique, as well as an ending that awaits you after such a long time to play, maybe this is one game that you should at least try to play.

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