The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable

First Person Shooter (FPS) game genre is one of the most in demand not only in Indonesia but all over the world. As the name suggests, is the FPS genre game where you use weapons and the screen you can only see weapons and hand portion of the character you use, give the effect as if you see the world using your own character’s eyes. But apparently this perspective is not only suitable for shooters only. Many great games-games that use the technique of this perspective even though the characters do not use guns like the game that I will discuss this, Stanley Parable.

The Stanley Parable is a unique game where you will experience what the game review games developers known as the illusion of choice. This means you will be given lots of options for play that will ultimately bring you to several different endings. The previous game is simply a modification (mod) of the FPS game Half-Life, but this game became popular because of its uniqueness where players just walk around throughout the game and occasionally press a button or open the door.

In The Stanley Parable you will play an office worker named Stanley. Work performed Stanley forced her to live without a choice, doing the same work continuously and simply follow the instructions received. But someday the paper containing the command does not appear and is forcing Stanley to start figuring out what happened.

As a player, you will determine the decisions made Stanley, but there is a narrator who will direct where Stanley should run. This is called illusion of choice, where you as a player you are free determine which door you enter, which button you choose, or where you are going. You made as if to have a lot of options, but at the same time you will be given ballast to prefer a choice rather than other options.

For example, there is one part where Stanley was in a room with two doors, one on left and one on the right. The narrator would say that Stanley walked to the door right, but you are free to enter the door to the left, where unfortunately the door was a small closet with brooms, buckets and mops, which would force you to go into the right door as well in the end.

The Stanley Parable is a very unique game in which many false choice link alternatif gamespools as described earlier, but also there are many options where you as a human being with his own cleverness forced to think about your decision. For example, the narrator is almost always direct you to the right path, but when you are asked to enter a hypnotic space while there is an emergency exit to escape besides, where would you choose?

In addition, there are many hidden unimaginable options, such as choosing to return to the previous room when offered two options that are both sound bad, and it turns out the door in the room previously locked into the open.

The Stanley Parable is a game that is very unique and feels like an analog of a novel. All beings have fun depends on how big your own curiosity. What will happen if I press this button? Why do I have to follow the narrator? Is this the best ending in the game? This question will continue to occur to you throughout the game, but The Stanley Parable still just a game with a limit choice, and when you’ve been running all the options, I think there will be no urge to play this game, because the only mainspring of This game is just curiosity alone.

The Stanley Parable is only available on the PC platform and can be link alternatif gamespools purchased on Steam at a price of $ 15 (the current time of writing this article Steam provides a 20% discount for this game to $ 12).

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