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The Walking Dead Season 2

Just like The Wolf Among Us, so approached the last episode, Telltale immediately ramped quickly release time of their episode, and only in a flash we’ve been presented with The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 weeks after the fourth episode was released.

The last episode of the adventure Clementine is arguably truly is a remarkable narrative experience. Telltale to present a success story that can not be guessed which way that will go. The relationship of each character that is here was actually shown more personally with a very mature, and in a very short duration. One thing that I think is great.

The last episode of season 2 was successfully reminds me of the great things that made me fall in love with The Walking Dead game series of the first season, while delivering new things that made me not want to leave this series. Moral options available here are also really going to make you think about what decisions should be taken Clementine.

One thing that really makes me kepikiran branching story is contained in the final episode. Unlike the first season that can be fairly linear, two this season gives you the choice of ending completely different. Variations in ending the existing option makes me so kepikiran, does this mean there will not be The Walking Dead season 3? Well, we think the matter later, which is important now to have been the availability of the entire episode of The Walking Dead season 2, you have no excuse not to play this game.

Through The Walking Dead season 2, Telltale really prove their skill in presenting emotional and brutal story about survival, maturation, and the relationship between human beings. The Walking Dead series is definitely not a game that you may miss.

Does not feel it has been three months since the last time I updated review of this game, it is not surprising indeed because it seemed like Telltale in the past three months more concentrate to solve The Wolf Among Us which just ended last month. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 itself has actually been released from the end of last July, but for one reason or another (read: going home), I was forced late plays and make a review of this episode.

As usual, The Walking Dead back presents a very emotional story and can make you gape, it is strengthened because of the occurrence of some important events that had been indicated on the first episode of the second season. Episode 4 is arguably really do not give you a breathing space because of this new episode begins just you already have to deal with tense action in the style of The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, despite having remarkable narrative quality, technically the fourth episode is really a mess. I find bebeberapa bug-like lesions on the face of the character that disappeared in one scene before it finally appeared again in the next scene, a character may die suddenly disappeared from the scene for less than a second before it appears suddenly like a genie (whether this story about jin or zombies), ang choice movement is not detected so that I should see the game over screen, as well as some minor defect in terms of graphics.

But the most frustrating thing of episode four is the frame rate owned. For a game that should not be too time consuming hardware capabilities, The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 seem very broken and unsightly, but this game I played on a PC that has enough power either. It is obviously very disturbing pleasure to follow his adventures Clementine. Hopefully at the poker online indonesia end of the episode later we do not have to deal with technical issues like this again when looking at the end of the story while Clementine.

Two months after the release of the second episode, The Walking Dead finally reached the first half of this whole season 2. In the third episode of the game series, Telltale really totality tries to present the story of the brutal world full of zombies. Although before this The Walking Dead often show scenes of violence, here’s a new episode of some scenes could make me bemused and dazed in front of the screen.

In the episode titled In Harm’s Way this, you really see the character of Clementine were initially very plain became more mature and more able to survive in a harsh world. Remarkably, Clementine maturation process is delivered with really slick. If you’ve been following this series from the first season, guaranteed you will see Clementine turn like you saw your sister developed into a teenager.

One more thing that is interesting from episode 3 This is to do with situs poker terbaik di indonesia your progress in the DLC The Walking Dead 400 Days. Previous Telltale promises that any decision in this DLC can affect the story in season 2, and Telltale keep their promises. Nevertheless there are very minor changes, so if you have not played the DLC also feels there will be no important things that you miss.

Overall, episode 3 is clearly increasingly emphasize that if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, or just fans of the game with a good story, then you should not miss the second season of The Walking Dead this. But when it comes to episode 3 of this you still hesitate to play it, at least make sure you buy this game so the entire 5 episodes released.

After 3 months of waiting, finally Telltale Games also released the second episode of the series that raised their name to be like now ini.The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 was released last week on March 5, 2014, but due to some activity in team Asia Games in Indonesia, I The new time to play last night. Without further ado, I just discuss the second episode of the game’s super cool.

Honestly, after playing the second episode of The Wolf Among Us, I slightly felt that The Walking Dead does not seem nothing compared to The Wolf Among Us. Unlike The Wolf Among Us that makes me really curious samapai repeat his game many times for the sake of opening the entire selection of the story, I was never interested in doing the same thing in The Walking Dead. This makes me time to think, it looks like I will reduce the value of my review for The Walking Dead Season 2 once the second episode of the game is released.

But once I played The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 overnightsitus judi poker terbaik di indonesia, I direct my intention to undo it. In terms of graphics, I obviously can not compare The Walking Dead by The Wolf Among Us, because both games inimemang has a different art direction. In terms of gameplay too, The Wolf Among Us is also more varied and more interesting, so I think it unfair that these two games have the same value. But last night I remember, the thing that makes The Walking Dead gameplay is not special, but the feeling is given to the players of this game.

During the play The Walking Dead, so many moments in the game that made me gaping and speechless with surprise. In addition many moments that made me smiled to herself seeing the events in the game. This game clearly has successfully delivered what became their primary goal.

Finally, if you’ve been following The Walking Dead game series, missed the second episode of the second season it was clear very strange. But if you have never played this game at all, start play from the first game right now!

If you often read my writing in the Asian Games in Indonesia, maybe you will realize that I am a gamer very happy with the good storytelling game. Talking about the game with a great story in the modern gaming era like today, it seems the name of Telltale Games is the most often discussed. It is not surprising to see the quality of their previous games such as The Wolf Among Us or The Walking Dead Season 1 which managed to reap enormous profits.

On December 17 last, Telltale has finally released the sequel to the game that lifted them into the present name, the game I mean none other than the The Walking Dead Season 2. Just info only, the version that I played for the review is the PC version of this game. In addition to the PC game is also available for PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS.

I’m sure the popularity it has now, the number of people who expect a lot of variations of gameplay in games Telltale wane. Still the same as games Telltale others, this game will be much more focused than the narrative elements of gameplay.

Even so, you could see a bit of minor developments in matters of gameplay. There are minor changes that include the Quick-Time Event (QTE) which is a bit more varied. If previously QTE that exist only between moving in different directions or pressing the buttons specific, then in this game you will be slight variations such as moving the mouse to follow a certain pattern to light a match or things simple else if I tell you more of course, already count spoiler.

Besides QTE, the game is also still has a linear exploration just like the previous games. While doing the exploration, you can collect objects that will help your adventure, or simply chatting with people in the area concerned. Because in this game you will play as Clementine, deuteragonis of the first game, then it is quite exciting as well when we look at things from the standpoint of Clementine or how others treat him.

Honestly, I first I was less convinced by the fact that in this game I will play Clementine. I doubt arises because although Clementine is one of the things that made the first game so remarkable, the role of the main character that serves to protect Clementine that makes this game very emotional. But my doubts successfully broken by Telltale, playing as Clementine is a very fresh experience.

As Clementine, you can see how the world has been shattered and filled with zombies seen in the eyes of children. The second game also is special because through this game, we can see the development of the Clementine innocent little child, a girl is strong and able to survive in a harsh world. Amazingly, deep story was successfully delivered by Telltale only in two hours that I played in the first episode.

In essence, as other Telltale games, if you play this game because the gameplay, then you play the game wrong. But if you play this game with the expectation can be entertained (or even fabricated heartache and depression) by an amazing story, this game is perfect for you.

Setting of The Walking Dead in which the chaotic state of the earth and filled with zombies would certainly make people think this game will not be a pretty sight. Telltale but apparently managed to break the stigma. Still with art direction inspired from the original comic as in the first game, not many significant changes from the graphics quality of this game. However Telltale pay with a design environment that is very interesting to see.

Maybe just my opinion about the environment unsightly quite influenced by the fact that most of season 2 episode 1 is located in a sort of forest or camp, but somehow the woods in season 2 is just looks more attractive than the design of the forest environment in the first season.

Besides the slick design environment, season 2 also gives more details on the characters. In this game, you can see the expressions of the characters portrayed with good success. The best example to see the detailed expression of the character of course you can see at Clementine.

Because games from Telltale does not require a complicated control and more, so it certainly will not be filled your screen with instructions or boxes as a shortcut on the game with other genres. The lack of objects that interfere with vision in this game give more in the cinematic feel of the game.

Unfortunately, the user interface is displayed when QTE appears sometimes seem less clear. Several times I was confused what should I do when the command QTE appears. Nevertheless, this confusion can sometimes give satisfaction to succeed the current players know what to do when the movement command QTE appears.

One of the things that I regret of The Walking Dead Season 1 is less berkesannya music that exist in the game. It is actually not much different from the second season. Although moments in this game accompanied with music very good and fits with the atmosphere in the game, the music of this game can not make me interested as the music of JRPG games or games like Braid and Bastion.

Telltale game is the same as the others, The Walking Dead Season 2 will be released episodically with a total of five episodes. The time this review was written just a PC and the PS3 version that has been released. For more information, we will update when other platforms also get this game.

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