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Many aspects to judge a game, from gameplay, visuals, audio, up to the story. I think it is quite often discussed both in the Asian Games and other media. The question, often a game already has a high quality in the four aspects of the above, but still feels like there is a void that reduces the value of the game.

But not infrequently also a game has qualities that the upper middle in 4 aspects, but it could be a very memorable game. This can usually occur due to minor things that might not be unthinkable in any game, or sometimes gamers themselves are not aware that even though they enjoy it. Various minor things that have a unique impression is utilized by supergiant Games to achieve their own perfection in their latest game, Transistor.

Transistor is a game that is arguably the action RPG genre. The game is developed by the previous Games supergiant popular through action RPG titled Bastion. Maybe you will think it looks like transistors will not be much different from the Bastion considering the genre and the developer are the same. But believe me, Transistor is a game that is guaranteed to give you a very similar experience but at the same time is also very different from the Bastion.

In Transistor you will control the Red, a woman who is the most popular singers in Cloudbank, the city is the background of this game underway. When just starting the game Red awoke in a state of upheaval. He was lying beside the bodies of men who died with a giant sword piercing his body. Uniquely, the sword proved to have its own consciousness and can talk, Red unfortunately unable to answer the sword because of the noise he was taken by the organization responsible for the misfortune that befell him, The Camerata.

Red also intends to demand accountability The Camerata, but in fact poker online indonesia what happened to Red is not the worst thing that The Camerata do. Induced them, a horde of monsters called Process, came and devastated the town so that the whole town was forced into exile. From there begins a trip Red for revenge and The Camerata hold accountable for what they do.

Transistor might categorize as kuranglah appropriate action RPG. If I had to explain the genre of this game, I would probably describe transistors as game genre “turn-based action RPG”. Okay, the genre may sound contradictory, but it is a way to play like that you will encounter in transistors.

If the turn-based RPG is known for its slow tempo yet mature strategy adjustment is necessary, the action RPG is clearly the opposite because he prefers (hence its name) and actions (for some games) a little dexterity of the hand. Well, just imagine if these two contradictory things together, that’s what you will find in the transistors.

In Transistor battle is done in real-time action RPG like game, but tips pemula bermain poker the character (or rather the sword of character) has the ability to stop time, and during that time you can develop a strategy to stop the movements you would do. It does not require dexterity of the hand, but you will still feel a gameplay experience that is fast-paced but still requires careful strategy setting. This unique combination gives you a turn-based battle experience with action RPG-like atmosphere.

Like many other RPG ever released before, you will find a wide range of skills that you can use or even equip. In a transistor, the whole movement of the character have, in addition to running course, you can equip and change at will whenever you come across a sort of checkpoint that will bring you to a menu option skill (which in this game is called function).

This game has a total of 20 function that you can get. There are three places for you to put yours function. The first place is active which will allow you to use the function in question directly. Active part is very important because without this part you will not be able to attack the enemy at all.

The second part is an upgrade. In this section you can use your function in order to give a certain effect to the function which is located in the active slot. For example, suppose you have a function Jaunt () which allows you to do a dash at the position active, then you put the function Load (), which is an attack in the form of an explosion in an upgrade to the Jaunt (), this would cause every time you do a dash with Jaunt (), then you will leave traces of an explosion that could injure the enemy.

The last position that you can choose to use the function is passive. As the name implies, the function is placed in this position will provide passive effects are always attached to the character. For example, a function which, when placed on active positions will issue bullet attack moving very fast, then the passive position function will increase your speed so that it can do more movement during the turn-based phase in the fight.

Combination twenty function that can be placed in three positions is remarkable. All the effects that function clearly not the effect produced automatically by computer. Each effect that is truly designed manually by the game designer. This can be felt from how many variations there are still felt so fit in any position that you put to a variety of the function. Obvious situs poker terbaik di indonesia feature of this function is guaranteed to be addictive to try all possible combinations generated.

One of the things that made Bastion so memorable and remarkable is the quality of the art presented at this game. As I discussed briefly when including Bastion in the top 10 best independent gaming PCs and consoles, music and graphics of Bastion is its own work of art that is guaranteed to make the players always will be remembered by the quality of this game. Because it was developed by the same team, it is not surprising if the transistors also has advantages similar to Bastion, but of course this game has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to his brother’s.

Visual affairs of transistors is still taken care of by art director who worked on Games supergiant Bastion is Jen Zee. In Transistor, Jen Zee again demonstrated her ability to draw a colorful and interesting details. This of course he maintained in transistors, but because Transistor is a game with a sci-fi background, color combinations you find even more futuristic look. If the Bastion you are presented with a design that looks very green, then the more transistors you will see the effects of transparent or metallic that looks like it is commonly found in sci-fi story.

For business audio transistors are still done by people who do Bastion is Darren Korb. Korb musical style that you find at Bastion still feels a little here, but again because this game has a sci-fi theme, some adjustments were carried out. If the music in Bastion is filled with standard instruments commonly found in popular music, then the more transistors you will feel the effects of electronics like an idea many people about the future of music in the world with advanced technology.

In overall, if I may be honest I feel Bastion better audio and visual quality that is better than transistors. But one thing that makes transistors is more enjoyable to play is how all aspects of audio and visual in the game feels more in place. For example, although the music in Bastion is very good, even better than transistors, sometimes I feel some of the music was less suitable for inclusion into the game with themes such as Bastion. This does not happen with transistors that have the music that really fit naturally into the world in this game.

Maybe if enjoyed separately, soundtrack and illustrations at Bastion has a quality that is superior. But if we see of implementation, Transistor clearly superior. Maybe this could happen thanks to Jen Zee and Darren Korb now has more experience creating artwork used for a game.

From my discussion so far, it seems clear that the transistor is a game with a general assessment factor is very high. Gameplay, story, music, and visuals in this game really has a quality above average. But that alone will not be enough to make this game memorable. Things that usually could give the impression or special memory is precisely the things that sometimes we do not realize, and the following is a special case in transistors that you will not find in other games.

The first thing is a way of presenting a story in a game that is delivered throughout the course of the game. Not surprisingly, the usual story telling in the game will not be enough to tell a more detailed background of the world game that we play.

In other games, this is usually delivered via a note or audio logs scattered throughout the game. Methods such as these are found in the game with the world at large. The Elder Scrolls series, Bioshock, and Dishonored is an example of a game that uses this method to convey the extraordinary stories of the world where the game takes place but will not be enough if it is delivered through a variety of in-game cutscene.

Because it is a game of short duration Transistor, obviously supergiant Games will not be able to convey all the background story in transistors. Therefore they use a unique method to deliver stories that occur in Cloudbank is to link a story-telling with the gameplay. It could be achieved through a system of skill or function in the game. In a transistor, the entire function that you are using a kind of incarnation of populations Cloudbank famous or have an important role in the city.

When you get a new function, you can see photos and brief information on the function of human beings. Whenever you use the function at one position available, you will open a section on the background of the character, and when you use the function in a different position, then the additional background characters will then appear. For example, when you use the function Breach () in position active in the battle, then you can open the first part of the background Red, when you move the Breach () in the position of passive and use them in battle, then you can open the second part of the background Red.

This method really is the innovation of most fresh I’ve ever found in a video game. Through this method, Transistor forcing me to use all the functions that exist, whether I like it or I do not like, in all the positions available, and I really like being forced by this method.

In addition to the above example there is one more minor things that I think is very interesting. Because it is this game has a superb music quality as well as the main character who is a singer, supergiant Games provide a special key which I think is very interesting. If you press the L1 button during the game, then the circumstances surrounding the Red will be a little darker and beam spotlight will be shining on him. Under these circumstances, the Red will mendengungkan tone according to what music is playing in the background. This obviously does not give any effect to the gameplay, but a matter as simple as it really managed to amaze me the things that supergiant minor has been done to enhance the game.

The last thing that really enhance the transistors is the way this game we punish failure. Whenever HP character runs out, you will not die and presented with a game over screen. That will happen instead you will lose one function that you equip. So that the defective function can be used again, you have to access some of the new first checkpoint will function correctly. I’m not sure what the basis of this game chose function to damaged, but from my experience, it seems the game impair function in accordance with the order of what functions are most often used.

Actually there are many simple things that can only be found in transistors that managed to make me open-mouthed. But mostly it contains spoilers if I tell you here, so you better try to direct yes.

After reading the compliments I said above, seems to have very clear my opinion about this game. No doubt Transistor clearly in the category of the best games I’ve played this year. Parallel to the Child of Light and some new old game that had me finish this year.

Some of you may be confused as good as what the heck this game until I give the word “perfect” as the title of the review. Of course the game is not perfect, there will be no game is perfect because people will always find new ways to make it more interesting entertainment. However, the use of the perfect word here is how supergiant Games can maximize the talents and resources they have are perfect so successfully provide an outstanding experience for people who play transistors.

Although we have not entered the middle of the year, I’m sure this game will go into the ranks of the best games in 2014 according to me personally, and I believe this game also has great potential to become your best game this year, so do not hesitate to immediately try it. Oh last suggestion from me, if you decide to buy this game, also bought epic soundtrack, guaranteed you will not regret.

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