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Unearthed : Trail of Ibn Battuta

The first time I saw the game on this one, like thousands of other gamers around the world, I immediately thought of the popular game series of artificial Naughty Dogs for PS3 is Uncharted. Not only the title is very similar, but the design of the protagonist of this game looks very similar to Nathan Drake, tomb raider cool Uncharted series. Nonetheless, when we look at the collection of screenshots from the game on Steam, there is one thing that really caught my attention, it is the design of the female hero of this game are performed with use of the veil / hijab.

Because quite surprised by the design of the character of this game, I began searching for more information on this game. Game titled Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta was developed by Semaphore, studio game from Saudi Arabia. This game is already released iOS and PS3 since May 2013 ago, but only this weekend Unearthed available for Windows and Mac via Steam. According to the explanation that no Steam, the game has been getting a lot of updates and changes follow feedback from gamers who have played it.

When viewing the screenshots of this game on Steam, to be honest I feel quite suspicious. It seemed almost impossible game with quality graphics and gameplay variations as much as it could be sold for $ 5 only. Out of curiosity, I finally decided to try it, anyway I just have to shell out 40 thousand rupiah (new game released on Steam usually at a discount of 10% – 30%). When they wanted to install this game on my PC, again I was struck with a file size of 7 GB should I provide for this game. Games for 50 thousand rupiah, with attractive screenshots, and a very large size … sounds increasingly suspicious alone.

Finally after finished downloading and wait for the installation process is complete, I was immediately menyicipi this one game. My first impression when I saw this game is … Wow! Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is available for 21 languages! This is a new thing once I have seen in a video game. Unfortunately, when I tried flipping the language of this game, it seems Unearthed only designed for Arabic and English, so that language with subtitles non-latin such as Japan and India will look quite messy and come out of the frame or button on the screen , It is quite unfortunate indeed, if they only intend to concentrate on only two languages, other languages ??should be better removed to save a few MB in size from this game.

After starting the game, I was immediately faced with action scenes that serves as a tutorial. As a prologue, a part of this one clearly gives the first impression was quite bad. I get a bad impression of how the transition from cutscene to the game should be cut even though the technology now is enough to make the transition cutscene to look more dynamic game. In addition, as a tutorial, instructions that come out on the screen was impressed very disturbing. This game should be enough to show the on-screen instructions without having to disrupt the ongoing game flow.

In the prologue, you’ll be introduced to a variety of things you can do to battle affairs. The game itself provides two types of battles, ranging from gun fight like a regular action games, and hand-to-hand combat that has tremendous potential if polished with better. Less terpolesnya battle and action gameplay part in this game is compounded by a highly sensitive camera controls and confusing.

As I had mentioned a little above, for a game with this cheap price, Unearthed poker online indonesia has a variety of gameplay that is quite a lot. If Faris Jawad, the main character of this game, was not a fight or a shootout, then most likely he is to solve puzzles while tumbling to obtain ancient secrets like Indiana Jones. As an action game, Unearthed not give too much freedom to the player. Plus the game is quite full of bugs. One of the most disturbing bug was when I was stranded on the roof of the palace ruins just because this game does not allow the character to fall down.

Not only full of bugs are annoying, puzzles in this game also was very interesting and quite depressing. Depression I mean here not mean Unearthed have a difficult puzzle to be a headache, even this game has a very easy puzzle to solve. Unfortunately the controls and camera were very poor make an easy puzzle is so difficult to resolve.

Another gameplay variations you can find the time at the end of the game. Here you are given the task to escape from police by driving a car. Sound very promising does not it? Wait a minute! do not hope you can find exciting action romp like Grand Theft Auto. Action cara curang bermain poker online indonesia romp that you will experience very strange and quite a headache. Although given the task to escape from the police, this game only allows you around the city very narrow repetitive, without giving any indication as to when the action swirling obviously not to be completed.

Not only that, the current control to control the car feels very strange, but for this piece I forgive because it controls the quality is not too bad (actually quite bad anyway, but I’ve seen worse than this).

If you read my review about the gameplay of this game, it is very doubtful not. But besides the gameplay, the game’s developer also promises a story that is qualified for Unearthed. Unfortunately, this promise again just nonsense. Unearthed quality promising story but again not executed properly. As its title suggests, this game will have a relationship with a history of Ibn Battuta, an explorer Muslim from Morocco. Not many things are known about the story of Ibn Battuta’s involvement in this game because it is available from the game before the first episode alone.

Although it has a narrative flow that could be considered illogical, this game has the quality of the dialogue that is sometimes (emphasized yes, just sometimes only) quite funny. But that’s just an interesting part of this game, and even then only occurs twice from 90 minutes of my playtime. In addition to the less logical story, this game will force you to stop cara bermain poker di android when the character Faris spoke with her brother through their communication tools, although the duration and theme of conversations they should not give such constraints.

Okay than I’d already criticized it out of this game, but I have not talked about the one thing that makes this game interesting. The first thing that made me pay attention to this game is the good quality of the screenshots I have seen, and indeed this game has very good graphics. Environment and character of the game is made with high quality so make Unearthed a game that unsightly.

However, unfortunately, a great 3D models is not supported by the quality of the animation is nice as well. The movement of the characters in this game looks very stiff, either while in the game or during a cutscene. Not only that, this game also seems too excessive in the use of bloom effect, making this game sometimes looks like a cheesy animated film.

The last part to note in this game is the sound problems. Fortunately this game has music that is quite okay. Although of course the quality of the music of this game has not got to the stage that is outstanding as the music written by maestro Nobuo Uematsu. In addition, the developers of this game seem less keen to further highlight the music in this game because even though I have set maximum, the volume of the music in the game sounds very very slowly.

Last but not least, this game has a quality of voice that, with him by surprise, it is highly remarkable. Initially I tried to play this game with the sound character in Arabic. But either because of my unusual to hear the Arabic language, or indeed the voice of the Arabic version is less good, but the dubbing Arabic characters sound more like news anchor than someone adventurous.

Because less satisfied with the Arabic version, I tried to listen to the voice of the English version. Comparison of the two versions is very far away. The quality of the voice in English sounds much better and more professional than the version of the Arabic language, although it seems this game was made in Arabic, so that the subtitle of the game is to follow the pace of dialogue in Arabic rather than English.

The high quality of the English dubbing is not surprising (or actually even surprising?) Because this game involves big names like Troy Baker, the voice of the man best according to VGX 2013 that is involved in big games and phenomenal like The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. This makes me suspect that perhaps the majority of the budget is to pay out game Troy Baker, so the other part of this game are of less quality.

Oiya, this game also has an additional mode called Survival Mode. In this mode you can choose to play all the characters in the game in a challenge … well … quite strange. In Survival Mode you have to protect your character from the waves of zombies are coming to attack you. About how there could be zombies in this game, do not ask me. Survival Mode has the same controls as bad as the Story Mode, only the gameplay is more unattractive.

I am very sad to say this, but Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is a game that is very bad. This game is really a rip-off pure of Uncharted but with quality like the game yet so that rush to be resolved. If you are a gamer who does not have much time to play, my advice is do not waste your time and choose another more quality games.

Nevertheless, this game also has some interesting points. One is how the loading screen of this game will tell you briefly about the journey of Ibn Battuta. If you are a fan of history, minor things like this certainly is very interesting to note. In addition, as a game of the area with the gaming industry is still very young, the game is arguably a very ambitious and quite okay as a beginning. In the future I am sure game developers of the middle east can learn a lot from this game.

Finally, this game is arguably a bad game. But the poor quality of this game could be their own entertainment if you need something to help you laugh. After all, the game is priced at a very low price, so what’s the harm in trying it.

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