Zombie Outbreak detected from the city of New York. You as a brave soldier should kill the zombies and stop the spread of the virus that does not spread to other areas. It is the objective and the mission you have to do in the game First Person Shooter (FPS), Unkilled.

Using FPS gameplay, surely you will wonder how hard it played on smartphones that use touch screens as it is today. Well, the answer is deal with it, or pay more for controller. But take it easy, this game is not as difficult as you might think.

Unkilled have a good enough graphics for an FPS game on a smartphone. Because daftar game, the detail of each place, weapons, zombies, and also blasts show that they look impressive. For terms of the sound itself, the game is equally as good. You will hear the approaching zombies move around you, the shots are different for each weapon, and explosive sound effects.

How to play the game is quite easy, you just need to touch the screen to move the smartphone left and right screen smartphone to aim or target the zombies. If the zombies have reached a firing range and shooting you lead him, the weapon will fire automatically.

You will get three additional items to make the game easier. The first item is the Rocket is able to kill zombies at once. The second is a medical kit, which of course as healing potions if the Health Points (HP) left a little bit and you’re in a tight spot.

And the last is the adrenaline potions that make your movement will be faster than normal, resulting in the slow movement of the zombies. That’s when you can take the opportunity to shoot zombies with better and save peluru.Seperti on FPS, TPS (Third Person Shooter), or Sniping, each stage requires a specified weapons and power accordingly. For that you must upgrade each weapon that you have to be able to enter and complete the mission provided. You can link alternatif gamespools use an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Gattling Gun, Sniper Rifle, and Meele weapon.

Each stage has a different objective. There are times when you have to reach the appointed place, survive a zombie attack, and also protects the AI. At the time of protecting the AI, you will get quite a different weapon when playing a normal stage. Sniper and Gattling is a common weapon used at the time of entering the stage with the objective as mentioned above.

When you have trouble to get Cash to upgrade and starts out of stock items, and also there are features Raid Campaign to be played. Both of these features will provide additional Cash greater than usual and also Supply Box that contains some extra items.

After a few days Unkilled play the game, I feel that this game is quite interesting and exciting. Because, when you’re in some place that met a zombie, and not able to move too freely, I feel like the adrenaline rush situations. Perhaps one reason is also because I did not like the movie or game with a horror genre. But it can make a person feel the fear and tension, then this game could give a real feel and effect for the player.

At the beginning of playing this game, I tried it only with a smartphone and intentions. But after know that this game is played by using a supported for MFI controller, so I tried to play it by using the SteelSeries Stratus XL. Well, without a doubt, the game becomes easier and very enjoyable.

To be honest this is the first time I play mobile games using a web alternatif gamespoolscontroller. And the experience that I feel is like playing a game on PC and consoles, but with a smaller screen. You can set the button liking when the controller is already connected to the smartphone.

For in-app purchase on Unkilled game, I think it is not needed as long as you play quite efficient when shooting and whiz menggocek the zombies like Lionel Messi. Moreover, you can get cash and items by using the features available. In addition, if you complete every achievement there, then you will also get some extra bonuses and prizes.

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