Worlds of Magic

Worlds of Magic

After years of constant war, hordes of rock-ku who are ditebin victory. State countless far under the soles of their shoes because they were subduing all kinds of fantastic races. In their quest to do Unhallowed – an evil empire of the dead – Orc that has brought every mountain and every beach under their control. They are harvested every plant, every ore mined, and collected every artifact they are finding their campaign. However, there is something missing; although at the height of their power, these orcs who has been flogging boredom.

Although the premise is fantastic, Worlds of Magic is doing too much cardinal sin to be calculated. As the game is fantastic witches and creatures, you would expect it to be vibrant and attractive. Instead, the landscape is entirely lacked the imagination. Excitement in the battle for the land that is excruciating boredom, buried under duty careless and micromanagement. Worlds of Magic who can not even claim the juice ynag feasible with the development or escalation of power – a key part of any 4X strategy game – to encourage involvement. The result is a melange warm to the idea stengah mature and obstacles in vain.

Worlds of Magic begins, because these matters are so often, you choose a civilization that led to victory. Options that seem quite diverse. Standard human, elves, orcs and dwarves were there, as well as the dragon, insects, and legions of the undead. The potential extent of the style of game that should be a great platform in which to build a game, but here it’s just not. Except for Unhallowed, none of this race that has something unique about how to play. No matter who you choose, the similarities are too obvious, cutting the potential for replayability and depth.

After choosing your race, you choose to lead your army master shaman. You can choose a pre-built with special characteristics, or you can create your own and adapt itself slightly, despite a good way, choice of less impact or import. I, for example, chose as the first leader R’jak, a powerful lich. With Poker Online Indonesia the description, it must be odd undead strong with abject hatred for everything that lives. In the play, he like other leaders, custom or not; he has some spells that do little damage, and several more with a small utility. The problem here is two-fold. First, the choice of leaders who are disconnected from the election race, so strange but it’s possible to have a normal human army led by a witch undead. Second, many of these rulers have many overlapping shaman spells, again reducing the effects pemlihan one’s particular strengths or abilities and rob any uniqueness. Instead of playing the power of the undead against R’jak, they each must be able to function independently for the sake of balance. Which left both without a personality of its own choice.

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