Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi 1S redmi an Android-based smart phones on the rise in Indonesia. In addition to its high hardware specifications, gained increasingly popularity soared thanks to surging sales marketing strategy in one of the leading online trading sites in Indonesia.

Then the question arises, whether the phone deserves the title of best in class? Our crew will review the phone within two points of view, negative and positive, so that you can judge for yourself how kerenkah phones made by companies from China after reading this entire review.

The phone design is not too big and not too small. With dimensions of length 137 mm, width 69 mm, and a thickness of 9.9 mm, redmi 1S has a whole load of 158 grams, is quite comfortable to hold and operate with one hand.

The material used as the material body of the phone feels a bit slippery, but it is quite comfortable in your hand.

In the visible, mobile phone screen size of 4.7-inch, touchscreen, it has a nice design, the appearance of which is equivalent to the mobile phone at a high price. Actually, redmi 1s are available in several colors but in Indonesia only sold in Metallic Gray. Color choices are quite suitable for all conditions, public works, and paired with colorful clothing of the user.

With MIUI 5.0 user interface, the arrangement of icons on this phone looks like iOS. In addition, the user can toggle the user interface themes with ease, things can not be done on most Android phones. Is different from the view of Android in general that distinguish the Home page by Directory, MIUI 5.0 only has the Home page just like iOS. And just like iOS, users can unify application icon located in the Home into a single folder.

To remove / uninstall the application, users can simply touch the app icon on the Home and held a few seconds, then move the application icon to the Remove feature when it appears. On Android devices, the process as it is on the Home page only removes the icon / shortcut application, without removing the entire application on the phone, because it removes the application from the phone to be done on the Directory page.

With the sophistication of the hardware contained in redmi 1s, the operating system that runs on smart phones is enough to miss a single version of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and there are no signs or information on his updates to the latest Android version 4.4 KitKat.

Redmi 1S is equipped with a quad-core 1.6 GHz Qualcomm MSM8228 Snapdragon 400, and 1 GB of RAM.

Our crew tried to run several applications including mobile video games that require large memory as well. As a result, this phone does not show a reduction in the performance of such lag, the screen display is broken when switching from one page to another or decreasing response.

such as mobile phones in general, running many applications at once will make the condition of the phone becomes hot quickly and battery wasteful energy reduction. This phone has a power of 2000 mAh Betari.

Equipped with a powerful 8 MP rear camera, the phone comes with a 1.6 MP front of the cameras is capable of displaying the images are satisfactory. There are features face detection, auto focus, aperture (opening) f / 2.2, and LED flash. The images also somewhat cool because the user can produce an effect bokeh (blur in the rear) when mengampil pictures with this phone. Features that are rarely found in mobile phone cameras.

Regarding the front camera, the image is pretty good. Features that are not less important is the timer, because today is a hobby users selfie using tongsis (stick narcissistic) so it takes a timer with a long duration, the recommendation 5-10 seconds, so that users can prepare everyone at their best. 1S redmi only provide for a duration of 3 seconds, the time is too quick to prepare the best style when selfie.

Unfortunately, there are no save feature to Micro SD (external memory) daftar review on the camera on this phone. As a workaround, users can manually remove the images from the internal memory to external memory by using the File Manager.

The main function of the phone is to communicate, especially verbally. The most basic way is to use the phone feature. Sound produced when the call was clear and standardized. In addition, the loudspeaker audio is also standard, is quite clear in the medium volume, but rather broke out when the volume is high. Your crew sense, it is not much different from the phone in general.

In packaging, redmi 1s not include earphones for the user. If you wish to pair additional audio systems such as earphones, this phone provides a slot for a 3.5 mm audio jack that is compatible with the majority of earphones in the world.

With the wide screen measuring 4.7 inches, a resolution of 720×1280 pCasino Online Indonesia, and the density of 312 ppi, redmi 1S is able to show a good image sharpness, brighter lighting, but do not make your eyes hurt. Experience when looking at the screen feels comfortable because the colors displayed fine. When the condition of the scorching sun, the screen display can still be seen clearly, not dark.

The increasingly sophisticated mobile phone screen with a screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 technology that is scratch resistant so that users do not have to worry about cell phone screen is damaged because of a mild collision or accident on a sharp object.

Redmi 1S adopt a very common navigation on Android-based phones. At the bottom of the screen, there are three options, namely Details button (left), Home (middle) and Back (right). Close an application with the Home or Back button does not mean shut down the application. If the user wants to close the application completely, the thing to do was touch and hold the Details button to register the application appears and then close the application with the display button broom / rub onto the application icon in the list.

Shortage of navigation in this phone is no backlight, so in dark conditions, theĀ Live Casino Indonesia user will find it hard to find the key to accurate. At the bottom of the Home button, there is a small light that indicates that there are notifications of incoming messages. The solution of these deficiencies is the user must be memorized or fumbling to key positions can be.

After the crew we describe the advantages and disadvantages redmi 1s, the rest of this phone is very common, such as slot USB On The Go (OTG), the volume buttons on the right side of the phone, the same as most Android phones.

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