Zombie Fallout

Zombie Fallout

Unlike the games zombies in general, using tough-faced macho hero, Zombie Fallout uses a typical Japanese anime character. There is a cute girl or guy ala Sailor Moon Naruto cool style. He cried again, appearances can be changed according jagoanmu costume. Both daftar review the clothing and accessories, as well as color and hairdo. There is a Phoenix costume, God of War, Terminator, and so on. Each costume has statistics, for example, attack power, different.

This game has so many features to be explored, not to be confused because there is a guide to try to feature for feature. After identifying the existing functions, set the strategy of missions or follow the storyline full of intrigue. Checks also order a mission that must be performed on Storyline Mission and Daily Mission.

There are three categories in this challenge, namely Dodge, Limit and Survival. In Dodge mode, avoid drum roll and shoot to earn more bonuses. While in Limit mode, theĀ link alternatif gamespools time is shorter than the battle in adventure mode. In Survival, there are 10 waves with difficulty levels will be higher, and the boss at the end of each attack. From this mode, can be obtained gems to strengthen the equipment.

In the battle mode, you can get extra power from the casks or barrels of oil, which you must destroy. Starting from adding the attack, and also fire bombs that will attack zombiesĀ link alternatif gamespools continuously. In addition you can also get a variety of unique items while destroying the casks.

Feature that is very much definitely be an advantage in this game. Because quite rare game that brings the features of this much and mostly just fighting without purpose. Certainly for those of you who enjoyed the game action RPG survival obliged to try this one game.

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